Our purpose

Make emotional & mental well-being simple & accessible to everyone

moka.care started from a strong conviction: People First companies are the ones who will win over the short and the long terms. And it starts by addressing their team's mental & emotional well-being

We're on a journey to reinvent the way people and organizations think about Mental Health

We believe in creating a positive thinking around Mental Health topics

 We often hear of Mental Health topics when there’s a problem

At moka.care, we think mental well-being is as important as physical one and, far from being a problem, Mental Health is something that should be proactively nurtured !

We believe Mental Health should become as simple as having a coffee

Today there are a lot of obstacles: Deciding to start a journey with a therapist and finding the right person take a lot of time and efforts

At moka.care, we make it as simple as possible so that it is accessible to everyone

We believe Mental Health is at the heart of both fulfillment and performance

Mental Health is key to accomplish great things in our personal and professional lives while making organizations where we work perform better. That's why we're building moka.care in a comprehensive way so that each one of us can find the best fit to take care of his/her own mind

Meet our team

Pierre-Etienne Bidon,


Morgane Pelerin,

clinical psychologist

Marine Galland,

certified coach

Laurent Elalouf,

certified coach

Guillaume d'Ayguesvives,


Jennifer Garnier,


Hélène Dumont,

licensed therapist

Sophie Laizé-Lurcel,


Maïté Tranzer,

clinical psychologist

Flamine de Bonvoisin,

clinical psychologist

Chrysoline Brabant,

certified coach

Julien Bonnel,

clinical psychologist

Roxanne Poirson,

clinical psychologist

Lénaïg Steffens,

clinical psychologist

Isabelle Carpentier,

certified coach

Camille Sepulchre,

licensed therapist

Florence Fertin,

occupational psychologist

Henriette Destremau,

certified coach

Robin Mermet,


Murielle Flecher,


Why "moka.care"?

Because we want it to be as easy to see a psychologist or a coach as to have a coffee.

Besides, a moka is not just any coffee. It's a comforting drink around which you enjoy sharing a moment, discussing the issues that matter.

Though, if you don't like coffee, you're still welcome at moka.care 😉

And the ".care" is not there to look pretty. It's what defines us.

moka.care is not an emergency service, please call 15 in case of emergency

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