The solution for your employees' emotional & mental well-being allows your employees to meet with the psychologist or certified coach that best suits them for in-person or remote sessions, in complete confidentiality.



Trusted by leading & caring employers, including:

Current mental well-being solutions available in the workplace are too impersonal and are, in fact, rarely used offers a human-driven and positive approach - loved by employers & employees

At we do everything as if everyone

were part of the family

Talk about anything...

Your employees can address either professionnal or personnal challenges

​…but not with anyone...

For those willing to, we provide support with finding the right practitioner either by discussing with a psychologist or by consulting detailed practitioners' profiles

​…always in full confidentiality

It's key to a trusting and productive relationship

We guarantee absolute confidentiality to make everyone comfortable with getting to the bottom of things

Getting started could not be easier for your employees!
A 3-step process

Find the right practitioner


By consulting their profiles or by receiving advice from a member of our team

Make an appointment


By booking online an in-person or remote session

Continue at your own pace


By choosing your rhythm. And you can change practitioner at any time

We believe that fulfillment leads to performance.

Not the other way round.

Attracting and retaining talent has become the number #1 focus for companies. At the same time, fulfillment at work has become the number #1 priority for talents... Ahead of salary, prestige or any other criteria that prevailed before.

By prioritizing fulfillment over performance, in other words, by reversing the order of priorities, everything changes. From a transactional and short-term relationship towards the company, we get to a relationship based on trust between people, which lasts over the long term.

We created to place the "care"  at the heart of business priorities.

We are convinced that "Mental Health" is often stigmatized and misunderstood.

We know that it is difficult to get started or to find the right person to talk to.

Mental Health is still taboo and it is not straight forward to take care of it.

Traditionally, we hear about Mental Health topics only when there’s a problem.

However, we also know that taking care of our mind allows us to accomplish great things.

We believe that, far from a problem, Mental Health – like Physical Health – is something that should be proactively nurtured.

We created to make Mental well-being accessible to everyone, in a positive way!

We are convinced that human relations blossom us on the long run.

At, your employees will never come across "the first available person". We support everyone in finding the right practitioner, whatever their situation and expectations. This is not done by an algorithm or a robot; you choose based on detailed profiles & videos or you discuss with a member of our team. We don't believe in data enough to tell you which person you should choose.

We created as we believe choosing the right person will make a big difference.

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Our beliefs is not an emergency service, please call 15 in case of emergency

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