The complete solution for your employees' emotional & mental well-being. allows employees to take care of their mental health whatever their needs, through personalized individual sessions, group workshops or online programs with our psychologists, certified coaches and licensed therapists. 

In absolute confidentiality. 



Discover how can fit your company 


A comprehensive platform to help every

employee find the right support.

Individual sessions

We help your employees find the therapist that best fits its needs. 

Any subjects, personal or professional 

A network of certified psychologists, coaches and therapists 

Available in French, English and German. 

For those who feel they need it


Peer group workshops

We organize workshops on to share experiences and get advice 

Mental health related topics such as Parenting, self-esteem, teleworking...

Led by a practitioner of our team

Several sessions in a cycle to easily adapt busy agendas

In small groups 

Selfcare and online content

Our content and digital programs are available anywhere, anytime

Short videos to learn more about your mental and emotions

Articles, podcasts and regular newsletter 

Actionable, practical tips to take care of your mental 

Available to everyone


Your employee's mental well-being directly impacts your company.

1 in 2 

employee currently feels in psychological distress*

 € 12,600 

cost per employee per year related to workplace "ill-being"


an employee who feels well at work is 9x more loyal

Want to launch in your company in 48 hours ? 


We are here for you

every step of the way 

Designing the right solution and pricing 

We take into account your needs and challenges to help you build the right support for your employees. 

Launching in 48 hours

In less than 48h, we'll provide access to to all your employees and plan a kick-off session to answer all their questions.

Communicating with employees

We support you on the communication about and provide your subscribed employees with regular advice on mental well-being.

Providing feedbacks and monitoring

We send HR teams anonymous quantitative reports and qualitative verbatims so you can make informed decisions and monitor platform engagement. 











Agnès Chauvigny

Head of People 

spendesk.png is dedramatizing support on mental health. The solution can be used for all types of needs, not only when someone is feeling very very bad or experienced something special. This is a longer-term solution than most mental support alternatives.

Cristina Zamfir, 

Head of People 


What employee expect from their company, from their Head of People has evolved and I think this is our mission, as a new generation of Head of People, to say : " Yes, mental well-being is important !"

Anne Le Bruchec

Head of People 

We launched in November, 2020, and it received an ethusiastic response from our employees. This might be the first time we are hearing about mental health taken as something positive and non-stigmatized ! 

You share our vision and want to launch in your company ?


We'll be happy to answer ! 

🇬🇧 English version

How much does cost ?

For the employer : - a per-employee tarification - on a monthly or annual basis - with no commitment period - directly based on the usage rate of our services in your company. We have a "pay-as-you go" policy : we define together an estimate rate of usage in your company to give you full budget predictability. If the actual rate is higher, you won't pay any additional fee up to an agreed threshold. On the contrary, if the actual rate is lower, you'll pay less. Please, feel free to contact us if you need more information ! For the employee : Your employer has decided to take tangible actions for your emotional & mental well-being by forming a partnership with As a result, your employer finances you a given number of sessions with the practitioner you choose. So no need to pay anything for the first sessions, they are fully covered by your employer. Once you have completed all the sessions financed by your employer, you can of course continue to book further ones, but you'll have to pay for them yourself, at your practitioner's rate. do not take any commission on this price: you pay the exact same price as if you would go direct with the practitioner. Your insurance may cover some sessions, don’t hesitate to ask your practicioner for an invoice. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need further information !

I already set a psychological support line in my company. Can be useful for me ? is a complementary approach to psychological support lines. Most employees barely use phone lines, sometimes don't even know about it, or leverage it in emergency situations only. offers a more long-term and preventive approach : no need to wait to "have a problem" to use our solution. We help employees take care on their mental way even if they are feeling well. And our average usage rate proves that the service is more than welcome by employees !

Is designed for all my employees ?

Yes, absolutely. We provide access to our platform to your entire workforce and they are then free to join it and use services or not. Every collaborator in your company can : - ask for individual, personnalized accompaniment with one of our practitioner for one-on-one consultations ; - register to take part in one of our workshop cycles ; - access the content on our platform and subscribe to our newsletter.

Is available for international teams ?

Our service is meant to support your entire workforce so we'll make sure to follow you around the world. We already have French-, English-, and German-speaking practitioners. And more to come soon !

Which budgets could finance ?

The three main sources of funding are the HR, General Managelent and Work Council budgets. A mix is often the chosen option.

🥐 French version

Combien coûte ?

Pour l’employeur : un tarif mensuel ou annuel par employé basé sur l’utilisation de notre service par vos équipes. Nous avons une politique “pay-as-you-go” : nous estimons ensemble le nombre de personnes qui vont utiliser dans votre entreprise sur la base de nos historiques dans des entreprises similaires pour vous donner un maximum de prévisibilité sur votre budget. Puis, si l’utilisation est inférieure, nous vous remboursons au prorata de l’utilisation effective. Si l’utilisation est supérieure, vous ne paierez pas de supplément (jusqu’à un certain seuil validé ensemble). N’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous souhaitez davantage d’informations ! Pour l’employé : Votre employeur a décidé de prendre des actions concrètes pour prendre soin de votre bien-être mental en partenariat avec Votre entreprise vous finance ainsi un certain nombre de séances avec le praticien de votre choix. Vous n’avez donc pas besoin de débourser quoi que ce soit pour vos premières séances, elles sont prises en charge par l’entreprise. Une fois que vous avez utilisé toutes les séances financées par votre entreprise, vous pouvez bien sûr continuer à consulter votre praticien et réserver vos séances via ; mais vous devrez désormais les payer vous-mêmes, au tarif habituel de votre praticien. ne prend aucune commission sur ce montant : vous paierez exactement la même chose que si vous réservez en direct avec votre praticien. Votre mutuelle rembourse parfois certaines séances, n’hésitez pas à demander à votre praticien une facture. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous souhaitez davantage d’informations !

Quels budgets peuvent financer la mise en place de ?

Les trois principales sources de financement sont les budgets RH, Direction Générale et CSE. Une combinaison est souvent l'option retenue.

Une ligne d’écoute psychologique est déjà en place dans mon entreprise. Est-ce que peut m’être utile quand même ? propose une approche complémentaire de celle des lignes d’écoute psychologique. La plupart des collaborateurs n’utilisent que rarement ces lignes d’écoute, souvent dans des situations d’urgence uniquement, voire n’ont pas connaissance de leur existence.

Est-ce que s'adresse à tous mes employés ?

Oui, absolument. Nous donnons accès à notre plateforme à l’ensemble de vos collaborateurs et ils sont ensuite libre de s’inscire ou non et d’utiliser nos services. Notre approche est pensée pour être accessible à tous, tout en étant personnalisé pour chacun de vos employés, quel que soit son besoin.

Est-ce que est disponible pour des équipes internationales ?

Nous souhaitons que notre service soit disponible pour l’ensemble de vos collaborateurs, et nous sommes prêts à vous accompagner autour du monde pour rendre cela possible ! Nous travaillons déjà avec des praticiens parlant français, anglais et allemand. Et des praticiens d’autres nationalités et langues seront bientôt disponibles également !