Your comprehensive solution for your workforce emotional & mental well-being

We provide proactive support to your employees: whether to help them go through a tough time, or to better manage mental workload or just regularly nurture their mental well-being

Mental well-being is everything but a side topic


of employees are anxious at work


of employees are in a state of "hyper-stress"


Cost per employee per year related to workplace "ill-being" 

Meanwhile, employees don't have any concrete solution

  • 80% of employees would like their company to take measures to promote psychological well-being

  • 72% think their employer do not consider enough their mental well-being 

Your employees' mental wellbeing directly impact your company performance

An employee who feels well at work is...

Take care of what matters most: Your people

A solution tailored to your HR goals

We take into account your needs and challenges to build with you the right support for your employees

A personalized launch in 48 hours

  • In less than 48h, we'll provide access to to all your employees

  • We help you communicate on the launch of in your company

Regular communications in your company

We support you on the communication for moka launch and provide your subscribed employees with regular advice on emotional & mental well-being​ (e.g. 1 min videos on stress management)

A monitoring of use & feedbacks

We send HR teams anonymous quantitative reports and qualitative verbatim, to make informed decisions and monitor platform engagement

However, we strictly respect your employees' privacy.

Why choose

Personalized care to cover all your employees

We cover the full spectrum of emotional & mental well-being areas with a personalized approach: your employee is the one who chooses his/her practitioner and areas of need. He/she is the one to know what to work on.

Clinical psychologists

Certified coaches


Your employees use and love

10   x is on average 10 times more used than standard employee assistance programs

"Thank you for the great support !!"

" is a great initiative, espeacially in the context of Covid-19"

"That's great to see that you truly care about us"

Top-level practitioners for your employees

We select rigorously each of our practitioners

Recommended: each practitioner has been recommended by a member

Experienced: our team has on average 10+ years of practice

Certified: each practitioner is certified or has an advanced degree in his/her discipline

Predictible and fair pricing

What is the pricing policy?

We have a "pay-as-you-go" policy. We define together an estimate rate of usage in your company to give you full budget predictability. If the actual rate is higher, you won't pay any additional fee. On the contrary, if the actual rate is lower, you'll pay less.

Is there any commitment period ?

We don't have any commitment period. Our goal is to give you the full freedom to stay with us or not.  

Which budgets could finance

The three main sources of funding are the HR, General Management and works council budgets. A mix is often the chosen option. 

We are not a psychological helpline

and it does make quite a difference

As an employer, we are often powerless to provide effective support to an employee who could benefit from it. brings a real difference in comparison to psychological helplines: they help everyone in choosing who best suit him/her. Bringing expertise and support not only over the short-term help people feel sustainably better.

Head of Career Services and Learning & Development chez BCG France

You want to find out more how could fit your organization? is not an emergency service, please call 15 in case of emergency

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