Take time to care about your emotional & mental well-being

Our team is there for you, should it be to better understand your feelings, receive support to go through a tough time or if you "just" want to better know yourself

moka.care in a nutshell:

Personalized support to find the right practitioner: 

We guide you to choose the practitioner who best suits you among our team (psychologists, certified coaches and licensed therapists).

Individual sessions, covered by your company.​

100% confidential: your employer will never know whether you have seen a moka practitioner or not.

What does it mean in practice? 

Diversified care

Our practitioners have diversified approaches: so you can find the one which bests suit you.

Human care

All of our team is experienced and certified in their field. But most importantly, they truly care about you and consider you as a unique person.

Personalized care

Choose your practitioner by consulting their profiles or by receiving advice from a member of our team. 

In-person or remote care

We offer both, as everyone has his/her preferences.

Fully confidential care

Talk freely. moka.care is 100% confidential and always will be.

We cover the full spectrum of emotional & mental well-being areas

Here are a few examples - but are far from exhaustive

How it works

Find the right practitioner for you


By consulting their profiles or by receiving advice from a member of our team

Make an appointment


By booking online an in-person or remote session

Continue at your own pace


By choosing your rhythm. And you can change of practitioner at any time

Meet real people,

not chatbots

All of our professionals are graduated and experienced in their field

Certified profiles

With diversified approaches

Our professionals have diversified approaches so you can find the one that's right for you

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moka.care is not an emergency service, please call 15 in case of emergency

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